about me

Maki Nakaya_edited.jpg

Born and raised in Japan, I have lived in Germany for six years and in India for six months. Since 2012, I am working in Switzerland.


I like my profession because it always injects a bright perspective into the sometimes trivial and sometimes trying experiences of everyday life.

It makes me into a curious person, allowing me to draw useful insights even from routine work.


I like design objects that have that little twist that makes you smile but is also essential for the functioning of the product. I also appreciate objects that have been used by people for such a long time that they now naturally fit their hands.

Products where practical functionality is crucial, such as kitchen tools, household appliances and stationery, interest me a lot.


II like food, cooking, reading books, taking pictures and playing the ukulele.

I am a passionate language learner and have so far acquired fluency in four languages (Japanese, German, English, and French).

Now I'm learning how to draw digitally, and I have picked up Italian.


中矢 茉貴(なかや まき)- プロダクトデザイナー