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sexual education in India

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kamishibai for sexual education in India









Maki Nakaya-Sommet - Product designer

Born in Tokyo, I went to Germany for the first time when I was still in high school. After graduation, I went back to Germany to undergo professional training as a kitchen designer for two and a half years. After working as a kitchen designer for one year, I moved to Switzerland where I’m still living today. I graduated from Swiss art school ECAL (École cantonale d'art de Lausanne) in 2016 with a degree in product design. Together with four other Japanese graduates from the same school, I organized the exhibition Re-Importation in Tokyo in 2016. I next worked as an intern for an Indian company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, for six months, where I learned new approaches to design in a real life situation. I then worked as an in-house industrial designer at Swiss kitchenware manufacturer Kuhn Rikon.I continue to be active as an independent designer, and I am constantly looking for new challenges.

I like my profession because it always injects a bright perspective into the sometimes trivial and sometimes trying experiences of everyday life. I learn something new and useful every single day. It makes me to a curious person, allowing me to draw useful insights even from routine work.

I like design objects that have that little twist which makes you smile but is also essential for the functioning of the product - or those that have been used by people for such a long time that they fit naturally into their hands. In particular, objects where practical functionality is crucial, such as kitchen tools and stationary, interest me a lot.


I like to communicate with people. I also like cooking, reading books, and playing the ukulele. I am a passionate language learner and have so far acquired fluency in four languages (Japanese, German, English, and French).


I like to ask questions.



中矢 茉貴(なかや まき)- プロダクトデザイナー